Imago is an Ajax Image Gallery which will show your pictures the way you want. Whether your photos are on flickr, smugmug or on your own site, Imago does show them. No flash, no serverside scripting, just plain Javascript and CSS to show your pictures. What a fancier presentation then my default theme, no problem, you can customize Imago via CSS.

Check out the demos and try it yourself:


I publish Imago news on my blog and through the imago rss feed.

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Screenshot of Imago

imago feed icon


  • focus on ease of use
  • fully customizable through css
  • well designed code
  • small footprint
  • SimpleViewer Gallery Support
  • Flickr support
  • Smugmug support
  • host yourself

Why another Ajax Gallery?

I developed Imago years ago because i needed a gallery to display some photos. Badly i didn't find any gallery out there that did what i want. The only solution which came closest to it was SimpleViewer. But there was desire for some changes and no flash available. Inspired by the simplicity of SimpleViewer, i did start developing Imago.

Simplicity, ease of use, but still customizable are the objectives of Imago development.


  • mootools 1.2.4
  • Javascript enabled Browser
  • Pictures :-)

Extended Showcase

Terms of Use

Imago is available under the AGPL or a Commercial license.