Imago FAQ

We got only a small faq, as it was always the same question. I am not aware of other issues :-)

Q: I am using the gallery.xml loader and there only pops up some wierd text, but no pictures
A: Imago uses a XMLHttpRequest for retrieving the gallery.xml. Browser only fullfill this request when it points to the server the website was loaded from. Therefor it won't work locally. You need to put the on a webserver and point your browser to the url. I did add a fix to make it run locally, but it only works in Firefox, Safari Opera and probably other, but not anymore in IE. MS did change some Setting on which i do not have influence at all, which prevent IE from Loading Files locally via XMLHttpRequest. So do not ask me, ask MS why they did it.

Q: I made some changes in gallery.xml, but it doesn't show up?
A: Clear the cache in your browser

Q: How to change the columns in the thumbnail menu?
A: If you host yourself just change the thumbnailColumns and thumbnailRows attributes inside the gallery.xml. For the other gallery backends you can specify it inside the imagogallery div.


<div id="imagogallery" class="imagogallery" >
    this.loader = new FlickrLoader();
    this.thumbnailColumns= yourValue;
    this.thumbnailRows= yourValue;

Replace the yourValue entries to your needs.

Q: I got some ideas or i need help. What do i do?
A: Send an email to support at codeboje dot de